Marble Rye recipe makes 2 or 3 decent loaves

Single Loaf Ingredients
Dry                     Wet
2c AP flour             1.5c liquid
1c w/wheat              2tbs sweet
1c rye                  2tbs fat
2tbs gluten flour       1.5-2tsp sel
2tbs yeast
(2tbs dark cocoa powder)

This recipe requires 2 seperate takes on the above recipe that you need to be able to make at the same time. I use 2 breadmakers and it works a treat. For the light part I use water or beer as the liquid, honey or sugar as the sweet and sour cream as the fat. For the dark part I use leftover brewed coffee for the liquid, molasses for the sweet and again sour cream as the fat, but that’s me.

When the doughs have completed their cycle in the machine I split each batch in half and set them on a sheetpan while I get 2 loafpans (thirds and three pans for smaller loaves) greased and ready.


Press a light and a dark piece flat. I laminate the most tacky sides of the doughs together after wetting one face slightly with water, then proceed as if I’m pressing out a normal batch of dough. Roll it up like a jellyroll, seal the seams and ends and place seam down in a greased pan. Up to you which colour is out.
sliced and rising
Slice a few times for expansion, brush with melted butter and let rise covered with a tea towel for half an hour
brushed with butter
then into a 375°F oven for 29 minutes or til the inside temp is about 180°F. Turn out onto rack to cool for at least 20 minutes before you cut into it though I try to wait until it just barely feels warm on the outside.
golden brown and delicious

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